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Legal Team



Lawyer registered with the Bar Association of Tangier since 2010, recognized as one of the most competent lawyers in Tangier. His law firm in Tangier offers exceptional legal expertise in the areas of civil, criminal, and commercial law. Thanks to his reputation for excellence and success in representing national and international clients, Master Talha has become a preferred choice for those seeking a competent lawyer in Tangier. Whether you need legal assistance for a civil, criminal, or commercial dispute, Master Talha Benamar's law firm in Tangier is here to provide you with high-quality services, strong representation, and tangible results. Trust Master Talha Benamar, the trusted lawyer in Tangier, to defend your legal interests with competence and dedication.
Legal Advisor


Member of the Talha ibn Amr law firm team in Tangier, Morocco. Morad is an expert in banking and commercial disputes. His extensive experience in this field makes him a recognized expert. He provides exceptional legal consultations and effective solutions for his clients in their affairs. Always driven by a concern for justice and equality, Morad actively contributes to the success of the Talha ibn Amr law firm team in Tangier.

Administrative Team

Mrs. Nisrine ARCHOUK

Secretary within the law firm of lawyer Talha Benamar, is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of civil law. She holds a degree in civil law, attesting to her solid academic background. Through the association between Talha Benamar, Brahim Laghdas, competent lawyers, and Nisrine Archouk, experienced secretary, the law firm offers comprehensive and high-level legal representation to its clients in Tangier.

Mrs. Salma MARZOUG

Specialized secretary for foreign clients at the law firm of lawyer Talha Benamar in Tangier who embodies excellence in her role. Possessing a warm and welcoming personality, she establishes an immediate connection with clients from diverse backgrounds. Her mastery of foreign languages, including English, French, and Spanish, facilitates communication and creates a trusting atmosphere. Her exemplary professionalism and natural empathy enable her to understand the specific needs of each client and guide them effectively through the legal process. She thus embodies the positive and reassuring first impression of the law firm, contributing to the positive image of the law firm of lawyer Talha Benamar among its international clientele.

Communication Partners


ICOM Digital

Within the law firm of lawyer Talha Benamar in Tangier, we are proud to collaborate with a digital marketing expert from the ICOM agency, who plays an essential role in optimizing our online presence. As a strategist for the website, SEO, social media, and graphic design, he ensures that our visibility in Tangier is maximized. His technical expertise not only guarantees the proper functioning of the site but also ensures strategic positioning in local search results, reinforcing our presence in the Tangier community.