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Our law firm ?

The Talha Benamr Law Firm in Tangier has been established since 2010.
The Talha Benamro Law Firm in Tangier has extensive experience in providing legal advice and representing its clients before courts and arbitration tribunals specialized in the matter, as a lawyer in the Tangier Authority before the courts of the Kingdom of Morocco.
Talha Benamro's office in Tangier has the capacity to act and accompany the work of national and international investors during the process of implementing their projects or defending their interests.
The law firm is also specialized in the legal audit of companies, the incorporation of companies, as well as the dissolution of companies.
Our law firm in Tangier represents its clients in all litigation related to their commercial activities, that is, in litigation related to Labor Law and Company Law.
Where the Talha Benamro office in Tangier represented its international clients before the courts of the Kingdom of Morocco that issued sentences in favor of their clients.
Our law firm has the authority to provide legal advice translated into foreign languages ​​and to make it easy for you to acquire all the legal information you want to see.

Our mission is to support and defend you! We are always at your service to simplify the complex world for you!

Talha Benamar is your law firm that represents you before all Moroccan courts. At the same time, it allows you to benefit from the advice and support that meets your request. Are you a company or individual in conflict with your employee or your spouse? Our firm puts its skills at your service, we give you special care!

Experience, trust, personalized support

Our pleasure is to carry the pen and the voice of our clients, we understand the needs of professionalism and confidentiality both in our relationship with our clients and with yours. We will do nothing to damage this relationship.
Consider us your exclusive attorney!

Mr. Talha Benamar has won high caliber cases from the British Embassy in the Kingdom of Morocco for 83 clients. He won cases for important companies which contributed to the issuance of judgments by the courts of the Kingdom of Morocco in favor of his clients.
A lawyer has the honor of practicing law given the great responsibilities entrusted to him. We have a duty to solve popular and individual problems.
"Representing and protecting humanity are the traits of an honest attorney."


Frequently asked questions

Why call our attorney?

Why call our attorney?

“Being a lawyer is carrying the pen and the voice of your clients. Being a lawyer means accompanying them, reassuring them and defending them when they face the judicial institution. Having an attorney allows you to be protected in a conflict situation!”

Is your practice right for me?

Is your practice right for me?

“Choosing the right firm to defend yourself is never an easy decision! The Talha Benamar Law Firm is a law firm with a team that dedicates special care to the relationship with its clients.”

What kinds of matters does your law firm handle?

What kinds of matters does your law firm handle?

“Our firm has grown rapidly thanks to its very good results. Our field of activity is not limited to individuals but also to companies; Whatever your difficulty, whatever conflict you are in, we offer you quality legal assistance.”